Wealth Management

In the face of global wealth accumulation, preserving and growing the value of family wealth emerges as a significant challenge. At La Soleille Family Office, we address this challenge by identifying the unique needs and objectives of our families. Leveraging our extensive network of professional wealth management partners, we seek holistic and tailored solutions that align with our families' financial goals. In our commitment to prioritize our families' best interests, La Soleille Family Office consistently functions as an independent advisor.

Wealth Planning

The foundation of sustainable wealth management lies in a comprehensive wealth plan. We collaborate with families to implement and oversee this process.We start with an asset inventory, then define and design an appropriate ownership structure.

To fully understand andmeet our families' expectations, we devote time andeffort to our strategic approach, ensuring that the wealth management process is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each family we serve.

Private Banking Services

As independent advisors, we recommend the most suitable private banking partners for our clients and facilitate effective communication to ensure a successful account opening. We will help meet Know Your Client (KYC) requirements and navigate through the compliance process.

Financial Advisory

We facilitate seamless international investments for our clients, particularly in Switzerland, enabling them to leverage the diversification benefits within our extensive global network. With our deep Swiss roots, we provide our families exclusive investment opportunities, guiding and negotiating the acquisition process to surpass their expectations.

Through partnerships with reputable asset management institutions in Switzerland and Europe, we advise our clients on the management of liquid assets. Our commitment to identifying the best solutions remains uncompromised and is never delegated, ensuring a hands-on and tailored approach to our clients' investment needs.

Tax & Legal Advisory

Our main services consist of tax advisory, planning, and optimisation. With our extensive experience, we can comprehend the intricate tax and legal matters that international families encounter. By collaborating with external specialists in various jurisdictions, we align our knowledge with the needs of our entrepreneurial families to devise the most suitable legal and tax strategies for preserving their wealth.

Management and Asset Consolidation

As investments become more diversified in terms of type and jurisdiction, the consolidation and effective management of family wealth become increasingly crucial. In collaboration with our partners, we offer Consolidated Wealth Reporting (CWR) services to our families, providing a comprehensive overview of all their assets.

The CWR serves as the foundation for our advisory services, enabling us to guide families on financial risks, formulate comprehensive strategies, and assist them through the implementation and monitoring processes. This holistic approach ensures a well-informed and strategic management of the family's wealth.