Residency Planning

Switzerland is one of the most successful countries in ensuring that values and assets are passed down from one generation to the next because of its stability, safety, and high level of education. La Soleille Family Office makes it easy for international families to relocate to Switzerland, including assistance with permits, family homes, education and a tailored integration program.

Communication with Local Authorities & Administration

Families must understand local requirements and complete a lot of paperwork in order to settle in a new country. La Soleille Family office guides its clients through the administrative and legal procedures in order to achieve the best possible results and guarantee a smooth transition. 

Family Home

As a family home touches the core of the family, it is a highly private and sensitive matter. As a result, finding a family home in a new country is one of the most important steps. La Soleille Family Office ensures that our families live in a place they can call home.


Besides helping to find the perfect house for our families, we assist them with the complicated purchase and transaction process until they hold the keys. Families can also get assistance in building and/or renovating their new home; from recommending reputable local architects to overseeing the construction process, and helping them with interior design and furnishing. As a final step, we handle all follow-up work, including household management and insurance.


As a small country with four national languages, Switzerland promotes social norms, cultural traditions, and shared values to preserve its identity. We assist our families in integrating into the Swiss society by teaching them about public life, organizing language classes, providing the best schooling options, as well as addressing any specific requests relating to interests or hobbies.

We organize exclusive events for our families to learn more about the local culture, food and customs as well as meet local families and create Swiss friendships.

Sophisticated Swiss Lifestyle

A perfect center of Europe, Switzerland is known for its breathtaking landscapes, historic cities, cultural events, and a vast range of sports. Depending on the interests of the families, we organize exclusive tailor-made tours.

Switzerland is renowned for being a wellness, beauty, and medical treatment haven due to its thermal baths, spa hotels, and private clinics offering the most advanced treatments. Our team will take our clients to the most exclusive clinics for a physical health check-up, detoxification, or anti-aging treatments.

We also offer a new level of personal service at La Soleille Family Office. In partnership with international luxury groups, we offer services such as private shopping, access to exclusive high-end events, and visits to luxury product manufacturers, art galleries, and exhibitions. Every service is customized to the individual's needs and preferences.