Residency Planning

Switzerland stands out as one of the most successful countries in ensuring the seamless transfer of values and assets across generations, owing to its stability, safety, and high standards of education. La Soleille Family Office simplifies the relocation process for international families to Switzerland, offering comprehensive assistance with permits, family residences, education, and a personalized integration program.

Communication with Local Authorities & Administration

The process of settling in a new country often involves navigating through numerous local requirements and extensive paperwork. La Soleille Family Office takes the lead in guiding its clients through the administrative and legal procedures, ensuring optimal outcomes and a seamless transition for families relocating to a new environment.

Family Home

Recognizing that a family home is deeply integral to the essence of a family, it is a profoundly private and sensitive matter. Therefore, securing a family home in a new country stands out as one of the most crucial steps. La Soleille Family Office is dedicated to ensuring that our families reside in a place they can genuinely call home.


Beyond the search for the ideal residence, we extend our support throughout the intricate purchase and transactional processes until families hold their keys.We also assistin building and/or renovating their new home, from recommendations for reputable local architects to overseeing the construction process, and offering guidance with interior design and furnishing. As a concluding step, we manage all follow-up tasks, including household management and insurance matters.


In its role as a small country with four national languages, Switzerland actively promotes social norms, cultural traditions, and shared values to safeguard its identity. At La Soleille Family Office, we play a crucial part in supporting our families in their integration into Swiss society. This involves sharing knowledge about public life and cultural differences, organizing language classes, and addressing specific requests related to interests or hobbies, contributing to a smooth and fulfilling integration process.

Furthermore, we curate exclusive events designed for our families to delve into the local culture, cuisine, and customs. These events also serve as opportunities to connect with local families, fostering the creation of Swiss friendships.

Sophisticated Swiss Lifestyle

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is celebrated for its awe-inspiring landscapes, historic cities, cultural richness, and a diverse array of sports. Depending on the unique interests of our families, La Soleille Family Office curates exclusive, tailor-made tours to showcase the best of what Switzerland has to offer.

In addition to our comprehensive offerings, La Soleille Family Office introduces a new level of personal service. Through partnerships with international luxury groups, we provide services such as private shopping, exclusive access to high-end events, and curated visits to luxury product manufacturers, art galleries, and exhibitions. Each service is meticulously customized to meet individual needs and preferences.