Family Services

Families can expect comprehensive services from La Soleille Family Office, including succession planning, wealth preservation and value enhancement, as well as value-added services such as education of their younger generations, residency planning, concierge support and lifestyle services.

Family Succession

By experience, very few families can carry on an effective family succession within three generations. How to successfully deal with the challenge of succession is one of the major issues faced by the families we support.
Thanks to our expertise, we offer tailor-made solutions helping our families to achieve their goal of inter-generational succession.


Residency Planning

Switzerland is one of the most successful countries in ensuring that values and assets are passed down from one generation to the next because of its stability, safety, and high level of education. La Soleille Family Office makes it easy for international families to relocate to Switzerland, including assistance with permits, family homes, education and a tailored integration program.



Choosing the right school option is a major concern for every family. The Swiss education system is renowned for its high academic standards. Our experts work closely with the best Swiss private and public schools, hotel management schools, as well as universities and international business schools to offer the best services to our clients.


Swiss Wealth Management

With wealth accumulating all over the world, one of the biggest challenges families face is preserving and growing the value of their wealth. By identifying our families' needs and objectives, we activate our network of professional wealth management partners to find holistic and tailored solutions. Keeping our families' best interests in mind, La Soleille Family Office always acts as an independent financial advisor.