Family Services

Families can expect comprehensive services from La Soleille Family Office, including succession planning, wealth preservation and value enhancement, as well as value-added services such as education of their younger generations, residency planning, healthcare management, concierge support and lifestyle services.

Family Succession

Based on our experience, few Asian families successfully maintain a smooth succession process within three generations. The primary challenge faced by the families we assist often revolves around the intricate issue of succession.
Leveraging our expertise, we specialize in providing families with customized solutions to facilitate the realization of their objectives in intergenerational succession.


Residency Planning

Switzerland stands out as one of the most successful countries in ensuring the seamless transfer of values and assets across generations, owing to its stability, safety, and high standards of education. La Soleille Family Office simplifies the relocation process for international families to Switzerland, offering comprehensive assistance with permits, family residences, education, and a personalized integration program.


Education Consultation

Selecting the appropriate school option is a crucial decision for any family. The Swiss education system is renowned for its exceptional academic standards and is therefore a popular choice. At La Soleille Family Office, our team works closely with top Swiss private and public schools, hotel management institutions, as well as universities and international business schools to ensure the best services to our clients.


Healthcare Management

The welfare of our clients is our foremost priority. Swiss medical institutions not only feature state-of-the-art medical technologies, highly skilled professionals, and secure medical practices but also provide an exclusive environment with five-star hotel services. La Soleille Family Office has partnered with leading Swiss medical groups and private clinics. We collaborate closely with each family to address their individual needs and suggest the optimal destination. Additionally, we deliver comprehensive one-stop services for our clients' healthcare experiences in Switzerland, encompassing:


Wealth Management

In the face of global wealth accumulation, preserving and growing the value of family wealth emerges as a significant challenge. At La Soleille Family Office, we address this challenge by identifying the unique needs and objectives of our families. Leveraging our extensive network of professional wealth management partners, we seek holistic and tailored solutions that align with our families' financial goals. In our commitment to prioritize our families' best interests, La Soleille Family Office consistently functions as an independent advisor.