Education Consultation

Selecting the appropriate school option is a crucial decision for any family. The Swiss education system is renowned for its exceptional academic standards and is therefore a popular choice. At La Soleille Family Office, our team works closely with top Swiss private and public schools, hotel management institutions, as well as universities and international business schools to ensure the best services to our clients.

Education Planning

Ensuring a sustainable succession necessitates a robust education plan for the next generation. La Soleille Family Office recognizes the significance of a long-term education strategy in achieving this objective. Our in-house education consultants employ a holistic approach, drawing on firsthand experience with the Swiss educational system to design individualized education plans.

Through careful evaluation of students' academic levels and interests, we recommend and explain the top three education options, actively supporting the decision-making process. Our onsite visits provide families with a firsthand experience of Swiss schools, offering insight into the system through interactions with students and professors. We also suggest participation in summer or winter camps offered by respective schools for a comprehensive, immersive experience.

Application Process

The enrolment process for Swiss universities, private schools, and international schools varies significantly. Observing the processes and deadlines, as well as adhering to the specific enrolment requirements, is imperative. We assist families throughout the application process. Once a student is accepted, we further facilitate the visa and travel arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition into the educational institution.

Parent-school Communication

Given the complexity of the Swiss academic system, language barriers and cultural differences, fostering effective communication between schools and parentsis essential, particularly when parents are geographically distant. At La Soleille Family Office, our education consultants play a pivotal role in closely monitoring each child's individual progress throughout their academic and educational journey. Serving as a bridge between parents and schools, our focus extends beyond academic growth to encompass the overall well-being of students.

In addition to monitoring physical and psychological conditions, our intervention is prompt in the event of emergencies at the school. Through our active presence, we keep parents informed about the milestones and highlights of their children's school life, ensuring a seamless flow of communication and support.

Academic and Professional Enhancement

High school and university applicants to Swiss schools and universities are expected to demonstrate excellent academic skills along with a high proficiency in either French, German, or English. Recognizing this requirement, our Swiss team offers students personalized tutoring programs designed to prepare them for entrance exams to Swiss universities. These programs encompass not only subject-specific content but also crucial cross-curricular skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

In addition to exam preparation, our team assists students in applying for Swiss universities' summer schools. Furthermore, we facilitate opportunities for internships at Swiss companies and international organizations, providing students with valuable real-world experiences to enhance their academic journey.