Choosing the right school option is a major concern for every family. The Swiss education system is renowned for its high academic standards. Our experts work closely with the best Swiss private and public schools, hotel management schools, as well as universities and international business schools to offer the best services to our clients.

Education Planning

For a sustainable succession, it is crucial to educate the next generation well. A long-term education plan is key to achieving this objective. To design individual education strategies, our in-house education consultants use a holistic approach and have first-hand experience of the Swiss educational system.

We carefully evaluate students' academic level and interests and recommend and explain the top three options and support their decision-making process.

Our onsite visits enable families to get a feel for what it is like to study in a Swiss school and give them an in-depth understanding of the system by talking with students and professors. We suggest attending summer or winter camps offered by the respective schools for a first-hand experience.

Application Process

The enrolment process for public, private, international schools and universities significantly differs across Switzerland. It is essential to respect the processes and deadlines, and to adhere to the specific enrolment requirements. Our education consultants guide and assist families throughout the entire application process. After being successfully admitted, we facilitate the student’s visa and travel arrangements.

Parent-school Communication

Due to the complexity of the Swiss academic system, such as language barriers and cultural differences, effective communication between school and parents is vital, especially when parents live far away. Through their whole academic and educational life at school, our education consultants closely monitor each child's individual progress. Specifically, we focus on the growth and wellbeing of students as a bridge between parents and schools.

In addition to monitoring the children's physical and psychological conditions, we intervene when there is an emergency at the school.

We share the milestones and highlights of the children's school life through our presence.

Academic and Professional Enhancement

High-school and university applicants to Swiss schools and universities should have excellent academic skills as well as a high level of fluency in French, German, or English.

Our Swiss team provides students with tailor-made tutoring programs to prepare for their entrance exams to Swiss universities. Also included in our program are essential cross-curricular skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our team helps students apply for Swiss universities' summer schools as well as internships at Swiss companies and international organizations.