Corporate Services

Private investors, family businesses, as well as corporations can tap into the favourable business environment and exclusive investment opportunities in Switzerland through our services. We offer three categories of corporate services: financial advisory, corporate secretary, and consulting.

Financial Advisory

The financial advisory services offered by La Soleille Family Office are designed to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge and tools for investing in Switzerland or Europe. Our advisory services include the search for suitable investment opportunities and the related professional counselling until the closing of the transaction.


Corporate Secretary

It is quite challenging for new businesses to get started, particularly for foreign investors from different cultural and language backgrounds.

To provide our clients with the necessary tools to start and maintain their business in Switzerland, we offer a broad spectrum of corporate secretary services for both local Swiss and international clients, including office rental, domicile address, company registration, accounting & tax services, director, legal services, etc.


Consulting Services

La Soleille, with its internal and external industry-specific experts, offers professional advice, guidance, and practical solutions in a broad spectrum of areas.