Family Succession

By experience, very few families can carry on an effective family succession within three generations. How to successfully deal with the challenge of succession is one of the major issues faced by the families we support.
Thanks to our expertise, we offer tailor-made solutions helping our families to achieve their goal of inter-generational succession.

Family Charter

The first step in the process of inter-generational succession is to articulate the purpose of the family’s wealth, refine the shared vision and values of the family, and set up a decision-making framework.

Achieving this goal begins with developing a Family Charter, which includes among others the rights and obligations of family members, the responsibility of ownership, the decision-making process, the risk control and the supervision mechanism.

Based on one-on-one diagnosis and consulting on challenges encountered by each family, we support our clients to set up the foundation of their family organization for a sustainable succession.

Family Governance

Without a proper implementation, the Family Charter remains a meaningless document. With our expertise, we assist the execution of the family charter by establishing a well-functioning family governance.

Beyond the paperwork, it implies providing relevant information and analysis, interpreting professional advice and solving differences of opinion between family members.

Whilst supervising the functioning of the family governance, we act as advisors and mediators of all family matters. With our deep involvement in personal and professional issues, we understand the family's development, a pre-condition to protect the family's wealth.


As entrepreneurs recognize the need to place a greater emphasis on contributing to society, they are increasingly focusing on philanthropy and impact investing. This is key in passing on values from generation to generation, shaping the family culture.

In order to do so, there are essential considerations — definition of purpose, strategic planning, proper implementation — that need to be addressed. We are committed to helping families achieve their philanthropic objectives in an effective, efficient, and enjoyable manner.  

Succession Education Program

There are three key questions when it comes to succession planning:

· Is the next generation interested in taking over the family business?

· Is the next generation capable and prepared in managing the family business?

· Is the next generation able to preserve the core values of the family business?

To address these questions, our Swiss experts developed a tailor-made succession program for the training and coaching of the future leaders of the families. Working with professionals allows an insight view and a better understanding of the professional world. The aim is to create a trusting environment that allows the future leaders to gain greater self-awareness, realize their potential and develop their leadership skills, improving the communication between generations.