Family Succession

Based on our experience, few Asian families successfully maintain a smooth succession process within three generations. The primary challenge faced by the families we assist often revolves around the intricate issue of succession.
Leveraging our expertise, we specialize in providing families with customized solutions to facilitate the realization of their objectives in intergenerational succession.

Family Charter

The initial phase in intergenerational succession involvesdefining the purpose of the family's wealth, honing a shared vision and values, and instituting a decision-making framework. A pivotal tool in achieving this is the development of a Family Charter, encompassing key aspects such as the rights and obligations of family members, ownership responsibilities, decision-making processes, risk control, and supervision mechanisms.

We guide our clients through the creation of a sustainable succession plan, employing one-on-one diagnostics and consultancy to address the specific challenges they may encounter in the process.

Family Governance

Without proper implementation, a Family Charter remains a mere document. Leveraging our expertise, we facilitate the execution of the Family Charter by establishing an effective family governance structure. This encompasses providing pertinent information and analysis, interpreting professional advice, and resolving potential misunderstandings among family members.

Beyond overseeing the operations of family governance, we act as advisors and mediators on all family matters. Our deep involvement in both personal and professional aspects enables us to comprehend the family's development, a crucial element in safeguarding the family's wealth.


Acknowledging the growing emphasis on contributing to society, entrepreneurs are increasinglyfocusing on philanthropy and impact investing. Through these endeavors, values are perpetuated from one generation to the next, thereby shaping the culture of the family.

To successfully embark on this journey, key considerations include defining the purpose, strategic planning, and effective implementation. As a family philanthropy firm, we are committed to facilitating the realization of families' philanthropic objectives with efficiency, effectiveness, and a sense of fulfillment.

Succession Education Program

Three pivotal questions arise in the realm of succession planning:

· Is the next generation inclined to perpetuate the family business?

· Does the next generation possess the necessary capabilities and preparation to effectively manage the family business?

· Can the next generation uphold and preserve the core values of the family business?

To address these queries, our Swiss experts have curated a bespoke succession program. This initiative aims to train and coach future family leaders, providing them with the skills and insights necessary to navigate these crucial questions. Collaborating with professionals offers valuable exposure to the workings of the professional world, fostering a deeper understanding. Within a trusting environment, future leaders can enhance self-awareness, unlock their potential, and refine their leadership skills, thereby facilitating improved communication across generations.