Financial Advisory

La Soleille Family Office's financial advisory services are crafted to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools essential for investment in Switzerland or Europe. Our advisory scopeincludes the search for suitable investment opportunities and extends to comprehensive professional counseling throughout the transaction process.

With a specific focus on bridging Swiss leading industries with the transformation and upscaling needs of Asian enterprises, we offer services to:

· Devise an optimal formal investment structure utilizing a range of investment vehicles.

· Design and implement an optimal financing structure.

· Assist in the entire M&A process of Swiss business opportunities.

Concentrating on China, we serve as a bridge between Switzerland and Asia, recognizing the synergies between Swiss expertise and the Asian market. To facilitate this transfer in both directions, we:

· Identify targets and exclusive opportunities in each market.

· Evaluate the most suitable financing models.

· Facilitate M&A processes, including evaluations, analysis, and negotiations.

· Achieve results by closing deals and providing necessary follow-up.