Healthcare Management

The welfare of our clients is our foremost priority. Swiss medical institutions not only feature state-of-the-art medical technologies, highly skilled professionals, and secure medical practices but also provide an exclusive environment with five-star hotel services. La Soleille Family Office has partnered with leading Swiss medical groups and private clinics. We collaborate closely with each family to address their individual needs and suggest the optimal destination. Additionally, we deliver comprehensive one-stop services for our clients' healthcare experiences in Switzerland, encompassing:

Health Profile

For every health management client, we are dedicated to establishing, maintaining, and promptly reviewing their health profiles. Our specially designated manager oversees the management of these files, prioritizing the safeguarding of customer information to uphold the highest standards of privacy and security. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the client's health status, diagnoses, treatment plans, and specific health needs, we are able to facilitate continuous monitoring and proactively remind clients of scheduled medical check-ups and treatments. In the event of unforeseen health issues, our team is poised to offer swift expert consultations tailored to the client's unique health profile, ensuring a rapid and personalized response to any emergent situation.

Arrange for Treatments

To meet the unique healthcare needs of our clients, wearrangemedical check-ups, detoxification and anti-aging programs in the best clinics of Switzerland. Our support extends tocompiling medical documentation and coordinating document translations as required. Weprovide comprehensive support in the preparation ofour clients’ visits to Switzerland, including transportation, accommodation, medical logistics and visa applications. Upon arrival in Switzerland, our team is available to accompany clients and provide interpretation services throughout their treatment journey if required. After treatment completion, we actively seek andcompile client feedback and coordinate report translations required. Our commitment to client care persists beyond treatment, as we maintain ongoing communication and follow-up to ensure sustained well-being.

Medical Consultation

If a disease or significant illness is detected during a medical check-up, we efficiently coordinate medical consultations and diagnostics for our clients at our affiliated hospitals. Immediate arrangements for additional diagnostics, treatment, and surgical procedures will be made if necessary.

We collaborate with renowned medical institutions that specialize in various fields and offer expert teams and optimal treatment conditions tailored to meet the medical requirements of clients dealing with major or complex illnesses who require a second opinion or independent medical advice, or those seeking referral to a Swiss hospital.

Value-added Services

We offer tailored services to accommodate our clients' specific requirements for their medical trips to Switzerland.