2024 New Year Greeting from La Soleille CEO

Jan 01,2024


Ms. Jinling SUN

CEO, La Soleille Family Office



Dear families, dear clients, dear partners,


Another year is about to draw to a close and 2024 is showing the tip of its nose. This period of transition is my favourite to pause, reflect on the past and look up into the future.


Since more than 11 years, one of La Soleille’s hallmarks has been its ability to constantly evolve, innovate and adapt to its macroenvironment – both in Asia and Europe – to meet the needs of our clients. Pandemic, wars, economic downfalls, restrictions on asset and people movement and geopolitical tensions all are challenges that La Soleille has embraced to better overcome them. This dynamic attitude and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled us to become a solid partner for our clients, at their side to navigate through this tumultuous decade.



Building on the past


La Soleille’s mission has always been to serve the needs of Asian wealthy families in Switzerland. Naturally, the journey started by accompanying clients in finding the best solutions for the family’s first priority: their children. Thanks to our wide network and close relationship with Swiss schools, we accompany our clients in the long journey of building a healthy and strong next generation. A sustainable succession not only involves education but also residency planning. La Soleille therefore started offering relocation services at an early stage. A milestone in La Soleille’s vision to bridge Asia and Switzerland.


In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic severely hit our clients and our business. Yet, it was unimaginable for La Soleille to wait quietly for the wave to pass. While organizing masks delivery to Swiss cantons thanks to the donations of our clients, La Soleille entered the M&A world. Through our extensive network of partners in Switzerland, we enabled Asian families to successfully invest in off-market M&A deals, helping them to preserve their wealth in tumultuous times.


Comprehensive services for entrepreneurial families inherently involve taking their business into consideration. Therefore, in 2022, La Soleille launched its corporate services, opening a new door to the Swiss and European markets for its Asian clients. Yet, Covid-19 has left its indelible mark overtime and re-centered health as a priority in many Asian families. In 2023, La Soleille focused on providing its clients the best medical programs in top tier Swiss private clinics.


The Chinese economic downfall in 2023 has also enabled us to prepare for the bright year ahead of us.



La Soleille 2.0


As La Soleille stepped into its 12th year of existence, a new cycle of life begins. Closing the loop of the 12 Chinese astrological signs, La Soleille is entering into a new era. Completeness and harmony, yin and yang, set the tone of the new version of La Soleille.


New senior and high-profile professionals, experts in different industries, have joined the team and contributed to the professionalization and standardization of our services.


From education, healthcare and residency planning to private banking, exclusive investment opportunities and corporate services, we offer a comprehensive set of services built over years and covering a large span of the needs of families and their business.


By 2024, La Soleille will offer the most holistic approach to wealth management, positioning itself as the all-round advisor to wealthy Asian families, living in Asia and around the world, seeking to achieve sustainable growth and multi-generational succession.


I hereby take the opportunity to deeply thank our clients for choosing La Soleille and for their trust; my team, for its commitment and excellent work; and our partners for our long-lasting collaboration and professionalism.


Let 2024 begin and let the sun shine!


Yours sincerely,


Jinling Sun

Founder & CEO

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