Swiss Wealth Management

With wealth accumulating all over the world, one of the biggest challenges families face is preserving and growing the value of their wealth. By identifying our families' needs and objectives, we activate our network of professional wealth management partners to find holistic and tailored solutions. Keeping our families' best interests in mind, La Soleille Family Office always acts as an independent financial advisor.

Wealth Planning

Sustainable wealth management begins with a comprehensive wealth plan. We work collaboratively with families to help them implement and supervise this process, beginning with an inventory, followed by a clear definition and design of a proper ownership structure.

In order to fully understand and meet our families' expectations, we invest time and energy into our strategic approach.

Private Banking Services

In our role as independent advisors, we suggest the most appropriate private banking partners for our families and assist in communicating with them to ensure successful account opening. We will help meet KYC requirements and guide through the compliance process.

Financial Advisory

We help our clients to easily invest abroad, especially in Switzerland, allowing them to benefit from the diversification that comes with our broad international network. Our deep Swiss roots enable us to offer our families exclusive investment opportunities, leading and negotiating the acquisition process, exceeding their expectations.

We partner with asset management institutions from Switzerland and Europe that have proven track records and performance. We advise our clients on liquid assets management. Our responsibility for identifying the best solution will never be delegated.

Tax & Legal Advisory

Our core services include tax advisory, planning, and optimisation. Our many years of experience enable us to understand the complex tax and legal issues that face international families. Using the expertise of external experts in different jurisdictions, we align our expertise with the expectations of our entrepreneurial families to develop the most appropriate legal and tax strategies for the preservation of their wealth.

Management and Asset Consolidation

Diversifying investments in terms of type and jurisdiction makes it increasingly important to consolidate and manage the family's wealth.

Together with our partners, we provide Consolidated Wealth Reporting (CWR) services to our families, providing a comprehensive view of all their assets.

The CWR is the basis upon which we advise our families on financial risks, provide a comprehensive strategy, and guide them through the implementation and monitoring process.